General Information

Trial Mornings
You and your child may attend the playgroup on a morning prior to their first term in order for you both to see the playgroup at work. There will be no charge for this session.
Starting at our setting
The first days - we want your child to feel happy and safe with us.  To make sure that this is the case, the staff will work with you to decide how to help your child settle.   The setting has a policy about helping children to settle.
We am to provide your child with a wide range of experiences and activities, many of which are messy.  We do have aprons and coveralls but these are not always sufficient so we recommend you dress your child in clothing which is easily washed and not new or special. 
Weather conditions do not always dictate our outside activities so we ask that you provide appropriate clothing i.e. your child should always have a jumper and/or coat and change of shoes (wellingtons or slippers); and during the summer a hat and large T-Shirt to protect from the sun.  We also recommend applying water resistant sun cream before attending sessions. 
All clothing, in particular coats and footwear, should have your child's name clearly marked.
Drinks/food are provided at a mid-morning/ afternoon break.  Milk or water and fruit usually, plain biscuit occasionally or often something the children have cooked or prepared themselves during the morning.  To celebrate birthdays, sometimes cake/sweets or candy biscuits are donated/provided.
In addition to the above we also give the children the opportunity to taste foods from different cultures/countries and you will be advised of this in advance, we also cook frequently with the children.  Please ensure the supervisor is advised if your child has any alergies to foods/drinks etc and also if you do not wish your child to participate in any activity.
All children must be brought to and collected from the Playgroup by a responsible adult.  If you are not able to come yourself, please advise the Supervisor in advance who will be collecting your child.  We will not release your child to a person who has not been nominated previously by the parent/carer.  In an emergency you may telephone the mobile number or another parent who will pass on a message.
Please let the supervisor know as soon as possible if your child contracts an infectious disease.  We would encourage parents to keep their children at home if they have a temperature, runny nose, cough or are suffering from an ailment which could spread to other children or parents (especially expectant mothers).  Parents are asked not to bring in to the playgroup any child who has been vomiting or had diarrhoea until at least 48 hours has elapsed since the last attack.  Cuts or open sores, whether adult or children, will be covering with sticking plaster or other dressing.
Accident and Emergency
We require knowledge of any injuries your child has suffered outside of the playgroup, this can therefore be recorded as no responsibility can be taken by the playgroup.  As with injuries during sessions, any appropriate action will be taken by the first aid officer and the parent or person collecting must sign the record of it in the accident book.  In the event of an emergency, we would first administer first aid and contact the parent/carer; if urgent the child would be taken immediately to hospital and the parent advised.
We accept that from time to time accidents may happen and we do have a limited supply of spare clothing for this event although you are welcome to bring a bag with a change of clothes.  No responsibility can be taken for loss or damage to any clothing or personal items brought into the playgroup.
Outside Activities
Occasional walks around the village, nature walks, to the shop or school etc during session time will not normally be advised separately to parents prior to the event and permission to do this is deemed to be given on acceptance of conditions prior to starting. 
From time to time there will be optional planned outings agreed at Committee Meetings and parents will have to sign written permission forms at that time.  Usually additional costs for entrance/transport etc will be incurred.  Permission letters will be sent out at the time of specific outings giving full details.  The child's usual session day may be changed or additional fee paid to take advantage of the outing.
Temporary Closure
In the event of bad weather or lack of staff members to maintain legal/safety requirement, we would suggest that if in doubt, ring the supervisor after 8 a.m.  If necessary we would conscript parent, helpers, friends or bank of regular known assistants.  If playgroup cancels a session an alternative session will be offered when possible or no fees will be due.
Fire Drill
A fire drill takes place regularly each term so do not be alarmed if your child reports a fire at playgroup!
Festivals and Celebrations
In order to widen your child's expierence of different cultures/religions, we will celebrate many festivals over the year.  You will be advised of curriculum activities and specific events via the newsletter, notices on the noticeboard, letters home or on our blog pages.  Please tell the supervisor in advance if you have any objections to your child's participation.
We require at least one months notice of your child leaving the playgroup so we can assess staffing levels and/or offer the place to another child.  Fees are payable in lieu of notice.