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The Royal Wedding

posted 24 Mar 2011, 10:45 by
Preparations are well under way for this event; it may be a short week but we have discussed it frequently with the children, they are bringing in pictures and information they have from home including newspaper articles and even a Jubilee booklet to share, so we know lots about the royal family!  We have made the bunting and the invitations are ready to go out.  Next week we will make the cakes and the sandwiches, choose the maids of honour, the bride and groom will have to draw straws, or we could have double/triple weddings!  The "street" party will go ahead whatever the weather - I must remember to check the batteries in the cameras - we have so many budding photographers.  We still need some of your wedding photos parents please to share.  We have found the tiara and the dresses are to die for - not sure who the designers were though!  Ours will be a wedding to remember, never mind about Kate and William!